Engineering Admission

What is engineering?

Engineering uses science, math, and technology to solve challenges and fuel technological innovation. From civil engineers who create optimal layouts for cities to software engineers who develop our favorite apps, these tech professionals power much of the world around us. Every time you use an electronic device, drive across a bridge, or fly in an airplane, you’re experiencing the ingenuity of engineers at work.

There are multiple types of engineering, including:

Mechanical engineering

the design and development of heavy machinery and its components.

Electrical engineering

the use of electricity to power computerized devices and digital systems.

Civil engineering

the creation and maintenance of infrastructure like roads, tunnels, public transit systems, and more.

Software engineering

the application of engineering principles to create computer or web applications.

Computer engineering

the building and maintenance of computer hardware and connected systems.

Aerospace engineering

the use of aerodynamics principles to design aircraft and related systems.

Chemical engineering

the study and use of raw chemicals.

Environmental engineering

the practice of improving sustainability and reducing pollution in the natural world.

Biomedical engineering

the creation of equipment and systems for improving human health.

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